EnergyOR, a Plug Power company -

Partnering with us

EnergyOr's proprietary technology is well suited for aerospace, portable and mobile power applications, as  well as for any other applications where weight is a critical requirement, including automotive.   

EnergyOr is willing to operate with different partners.

EnergyOr's fuel cell technology platforms are versatile, robust, efficient, power-dense, low cost, light weight, simple and compact, A Technology-perfectly suited for mass manufacture.

We operate an Intellectual Property-led approach so that our future partners will be able to leverage our industry-leading power technology portfolio immediately, resulting in faster route to market. 

Licensing Opportunities

We operate a flexible business model to maximize the opportunities for our future customers and partners. Our partners will be central to our mutual interest and common business. Working closely with our blue chip customers as well as manufacturing partners and suppliers, we will combine our expertise in efficient power technologies with their well-established channels to mass markets.

We will use a partnership model approach across all of our future target markets, ranging from technology licensing and royalty-based agreements to collaborative joint ventures. 

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