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DRDC WinDex - hydrogen-powered fuel cell UAS

Developed in collaboration with EnergyOr, a 250 Watt hydrogen fuel cell has been integrated into a small Unmanned Aerial System. This modern aerial platform has demonstrated high efficiency, low-heat and noise signatures. Participants will see live demonstrations, from a fixed platform, with the fuel cell power source. A ten-fold increase in flight durations from previous Li-ion battery powered systems has been demonstrated.

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Fuel Cell Today

Premium niche fuel cell system integrator EnergyOr Technologies Inc. recently demonstrated its unmanned aircraft systems at the Defence Research & Development Canada (DRDC) Demonstration Day held at the Naval Electronics Test Range Atlantic (NESTRA) Facil...

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Montreal, Canada: EnergyOr Technologies Inc., a leading developer of advanced proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell systems, recently demonstrated a long endurance flight of more than 10 hours with its fuel cell powered, operational unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The aircraft, FAUCON H2, complete with integrated avionics, executed a predetermined flight plan for 10 hours and 4 minutes, then landed autonomously just after sunset on Friday, Augu...

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